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Postby MoodyGit » Thu Jul 30, 2020 10:56 pm

DaVinci's Cat wrote:
MoodyGit wrote:Dropped the next three waves as well and looks like a busy Christmas for me.

The LAAT we've been waiting for is now September and in November there's two more. A swarm fighter half way between the torrent and a Tie, and the lighter more agile Jedi fighter. Love them but not sure if they will bring something new or just push out the older ones like they did in the films?

I'd noticed that they were reprinting the rules for Huge Ships - clearly they'd been snapped up quite quickly on the first round. That's probably all I'll look at upgrading at present, although I haven't looked at the release schedule to see if anything catches my eye. Probably best kept that way as well.

Apparently the Corvette is part of my faction as well now! Nothing new for scum so you're safe.
These are not the models you are looking for. :)
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