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Postby MoodyGit (Gary) » Thu Feb 06, 2020 8:29 am

One thing that is almost guaranteed is any army I like/choose/buy into eventually becomes extinct, (such as Squats, Khemri and Bretonnia) then along comes a new company which dangles a carrot in front of me. Khemri back, but I've swapped my models (a bad deal I'll always regret but I was pissed off at the time) and so's Brettonia. (And squats if I played the other game) :)
Then I get hit with the stick.
Like my old Chaos Space Marine army it has been cut into two down the middle forcing me to buy half of a second army. :x
The foot troops are now in the Brothermark with a load of Basilian choices and the Knights are in a nature 'spirit of the forest' build.
Looks like my trying to save money is right out of the window.
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