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Stargrave errata

PostPosted: Fri May 14, 2021 5:53 pm
by Darkson (Simon)
Not much yet, so they've not made it into a pdf, but will eventually be available via Osprey etc.

FAQ, Errata & Designer Notes

    Captain Levels (p.22 & p.75) – Captains start at level 15, but do not need ‘levelling up’. These 15 levels and all improvements are already taken into account in the initial captain creation rules.
    Equipment (p.29) – Decks, Filter Masks, Medic Kits, and Picks each take up one gear slot.
    Unarmed (p.30) – A figure is Unarmed if they have no melee weapon (knife or hand weapon – ranged weapons do not count). This status only applies when actively engaged in melee combat – an unarmed figure does not suffer the -2F when defending against shooting (even if they are in combat when being shot at).
    Knives (p.30) – The first knife carried by a captain or first mate does not take up any gear slots. Additional knives do. If a soldier is not equipped with a knife as part of their standard gear, then they do not have one and may not take one.
    Grenades (p.31) – If a captain or first mate takes grenades, they carry both types. This takes up a single gear slot.
    Combat Armour (p.33) – The items built into combat armour can be upgraded and replaced following the usual rules for gear (e.g. an Armoured Trooper’s built-in pistol could be replaced by an advanced pistol, but that would use up their one item slot).
    Remote Firing (p.113) – This Shooting attack uses the robot as the origin point but otherwise ignores its Shoot stat and the type of weapon it carries.
    Toxic Secretion (p.116) – This power does not apply to attacks that use a template, including grenades, flamethrowers, and any power attacks that use a template.

    Drones (p.144) should have the ‘Robot’ attribute, and can pick up Loot.
    Warbots (p.152) should be armed with an indestructible carbine.

Designer Notes
    Loot Placement (p.38) – The loot placement rules for a standard game have been designed to promote maximum carnage, by placing all tokens near the centre of the table. For a slightly gentler version of the game, I would suggest allowing players to place one loot token on their own side of the table, at least 12” from their starting table edge. This should increase the likelihood of crews making it out with at least one loot token.
    Toxic Secretion (p.116) – Personally, I think having a toxic grenade or flamethrower-style attack is a pretty cool idea. This has not, however, been tested and would, I suspect, be too powerful.

Re: Stargrave errata

PostPosted: Tue Jun 15, 2021 10:25 am
by Darkson (Simon)
Answers from the FAQ thread that haven't (yet) made the FAQ.

Grenades (p.58): You can throw/shoot grenades through smoke, as it just blocks LoS, which grenades don't need.

Badly Wounded (p.68 & 69): During a game a model that started as Badly Wounded (half wounds) may be Healed back to it's normal wound total.

Pain-masker (p.88): Should have a (1) in the table (one use only)

Robot Antenna (p.90): "Robot Firing" is meant to be "Remote Firing"

Armoury (p.105): If you attempt and fail this power, you may still pay the 50c from your treasury (if you have it!)

Break Lock (p.105): can only use the free 'pick-up' if actually next to the token (no, I don't think anyone here would suggest otherwise... :roll: )

Holographic Wall (p.111) and Wall of Force (p.116) (and any other wall I've missed): have to be in a straight line, and can be upto 6".

Remote Firing (p.113): no, the robot does not need to have a gun (so yes, you can use this on a robot dog!)

Mindgripper (p.146) - A18 is correct, it's meant to represent it's small and hard-to-hit, rather than physical armour.

Mindgripper and Warp hound (p.152): do not have the Animal characteristic as they are sentient races.

Re: Stargrave errata

PostPosted: Tue Jun 15, 2021 8:26 pm
by Darkson (Simon)
On the Lift power:
I'm going to have to think about how to official word the errata on this - but essentially, if a figure uses Lift on themselves, their action ends as soon as the Lift is completed - so they can't Power Move. They can however, use the Power Move before the Lift.

As you can't Lift off the table, stops you from being able get loot off easily.

Re: Stargrave errata

PostPosted: Mon Jun 28, 2021 2:05 pm
by Darkson (Simon)
in the Gear section, the Shield seems pretty useless. It's there for if/when Joe introduces weird alien-tech shields in the future - think of it more as a keyword.

You can always pre-measure (goes for Frostgrave and Rangers to).

You cannot move through friendly models, and friendly models block LoS or count as intervening terrain (depending on the situation).
Enemy models that would count as intervening block LoS (p.56, as I know I missed it).

Re: Stargrave errata

PostPosted: Mon Jun 28, 2021 2:11 pm
by Darkson (Simon)
Awaiting answers/under consideration:

Robot Dogs: As written, if you make a Dog a Robot, it also keeps the Animal trait. It is meant to lose the Animal trait, but this then allows it to unlock (but not carry) loot. Joe is pondering on this one.

Power move and Loot: it's unclear if a Power user carrying physical loot has their Power Move halved or not. - Awaiting a reply.

Re: Stargrave errata

PostPosted: Wed Dec 08, 2021 9:54 am
by Darkson (Simon)