Postby nobby » Sun Sep 22, 2019 9:14 am

Was thinking about this between us what warbands do we own so if someone wants to sue something they dont have we could lend out other bands?

Me: Corvus Cabal (all options x2)
Deepkin (in progress)
Daughters of Khaine (in progress)
Flesh Eaters Court (in progress)
Cards for gloomspite and sce as well

Mercs: Lord of Plagues
Dark Aelf Sorceress and Slaughter queen
clawlord and grey seer
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Re: Warbands

Postby Brad85 » Sun Sep 22, 2019 12:19 pm

1 Longstrike bow
1 hurricane bow
3 hunters
1 budgie
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Re: Warbands

Postby Darkson » Sun Sep 22, 2019 7:02 pm

Starter warbands (say I've got them, but they're still on sprue as I'm not likely to use them).

Splintered Fang and Cypher Lords (with Gary atm).
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Re: Warbands

Postby Tom » Sun Sep 22, 2019 7:06 pm

Night Haunt, inc Executioner and Spirit Torment.
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Re: Warbands

Postby Mike » Mon Sep 23, 2019 1:18 am

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