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Universal content in Necromunda books - Work in Progress

Postby Tom » Sun Dec 03, 2023 11:43 pm

Mainly for my own curiosity, but others may find useful:

Hangers On

Brute Handler - House of Chains
Extra XP for Brutes between games. Fights in battles and gives Brute the Nerves of Steel skill if close.

Chem Dealer - House of Chains
Makes chems more easy to buy and provides income via the Fixer skill.

Bullet Merchant - House of Iron
Makes rare/illegal ammo common and turns Limited ammo into Scarce.

Tech Merchant - House of Artifice
Makes trading post stuff less rare and cheaper.

Data Scrivener - House of Artifice
Improves Int checks for your gang.

Whisper Merchant - House of Shadow
Guaranteed 6 on a D6 in a variety of out of battle rolls.

Gang Lookout - House of Shadow
Improved chance for sentries to spot attackers.

Underhive Trader - Book of the Outcast
Improved trade rolls and one of the following:
- Once per game 6+ invulnerable save for entire gang.
- 1xp to exotic beasts per campaign week.
- Mastercraft newly purchased guns.
- Double sale prices.

Beastmaster - Book of the Outlands
Rats, Millisaurs or Ripperjacks.

Cadaver Merchant - Book of Ruin (Outlaw only)
Sell your dead

Heretek - Book of Ruin (Outlaw only)
Add traits to weapons but make them unstable.

Agitator - Book of Ruin (Outlaw only)
Increase rep gain and loss. Improve odds of recruitment from Settlement.

Fixer - Book of Judgement
Helps with some alliances. Avoid being outlawed. Income through Fixer skill.

Scabber - Book of Judgement (Outlaw only)
Sell illegal goods for more. Improves illegal item rolls.

Narker - Book of Judgement
Manipulate scenario roll.

Proxy - Book of Judgement (Outlaw only)
Allows outlaws to sell captives to guilders. Other alliance stuff.

Propagandist - Book of Judgement
Increase rep gain and loss. Improve odds of recruitment from Settlement.


Slave Guild - House of Chains
Water Guild - House of Blades
Guild of Coin - House of Iron
Corpse Guild - House of Faith
Promethium Guild - House of Artifice
Iron Guild - House of Shadow

Narco Lords - House of Chains
Cold Traders - House of Blades
Fallen House - House of Iron
Rogue Factoria - House of Faith
Imperial Imposters - House of Artifice
Psi-Syndica- House of Shadow

Noble Houses:
House Greim - House of Chains
House Ulanti - House of Blades
House Ran Lo - House of Iron
House Ko’Iron - House of Faith
House Catallus - House of Artifice
House Ty - House of Shadow
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