My First Necromunda (ages 4+)

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My First Necromunda (ages 4+)

Postby Brad85 » Tue Feb 23, 2021 2:36 pm

At the weekend, after Elliot hammered us in a couple of board games that need some forethought and strategy*, I thought I'd attempt to strip down Necromunda and see how he fares with something more freeform. Here's some pics

*the games where normal Rhino Hero and Santorini

We used drinking straws for movement and shooting range measurement, 2 full length ones for shooting and one cut in half for movement.
I kept it as alternate activations, with the actions a model could take being: Move and Attack; Double Move; Attack only or Move Only. We used shadespire tokens to mark who had activated and rolled off for initiative each round.

It was assumed a model could attack at range or close up and size etc... didn't make a change to performance for the models. We took five each at random.

A move action was the length of one short straw, with a double move being both together. They could be arranged in L shapes to move round corners etc... Climbing was just taken from the move distance, unless the model could see over the obstacle.

Shooting was measured using the longer straws. If the target was within the first straws distance, then it was hit on 3+, if within the second one then it was 4+ and if it was beyond that then it was out of range. This seemed the best way to use range mods without getting overly complicated. If a model was in base contact then it was just a 3+ with no differentiation between range and melee.

If a hit was successful then the injury dice was rolled with the results being:
Flesh wound icon - hit is ignored
Serious Injury - model falls over and can only move or shoot when it next activates, as it will have to stand first.
Dead - dead

I took out the save rolls and other mods.

With the exception of being obsessed with getting one guy to keep climbing walls, Elliot did ok with it. The Rhino was the objective in the table centre with the idea to be the only with 2 guys (or the majority) stood on the tank at the end of a round. We ended a round with 2 guys each on the Rhino, and slogged it out on the next round with unlucky dice rolls leading to a narrow win for me. But he did kill more guys :roll:

I'm going to try and make it semi-coop and get my Knight involved somehow next...
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Re: My First Necromunda (ages 4+)

Postby MoodyGit (Gary) » Tue Feb 23, 2021 4:36 pm

Looks fun.

Not quite either side of the table death stares yet though.
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Re: My First Necromunda (ages 4+)

Postby Brad85 » Tue Feb 23, 2021 7:53 pm

We save the death stares for Dobble..
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