Dave rebs

Dave rebs

Postby Mike » Thu Nov 06, 2014 12:54 am

Apologies delay here are details of Rebs.

Faction starter
Card deck
4 Humans ? Miss packed as should have been 2 humans and 1 sorak
2 Yndij both sergeants ? Miss packed as should have been a trooper and a sergeant
1 commander
1 teraton
2 grogan 1 of each weapon
2 drones

Specialist booster
1 kraaw
2 Zees
1 medic
1 missile crew

The only models short are a sorak trooper and Yndij trooper. The troop booster comes with 2 humans, Sorak, yndij trooper and yndij sergeant for £9.99 from mantic.

you may decide you don't need to but extra after building your strike force.
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