Dropzone Commander v2

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Dropzone Commander v2

Postby Ray » Fri Sep 04, 2020 12:00 pm

Just putting this here in case anyone else fancies joining in with dropzone now that it looks like it will get regular play time.

Rulebook is now a free download here
All points and stats are available in the army builder here
Model range can be viewed here and can be ordered with discount from outpost, wayland, or firestorm

The new starter sets provide over 1000 points for £35 rrp and is all you actually need to get started and play some games. This is the size of game we have been playing since coming back from lockdown. Standard size game is 1750 so would need a couple of extra units. Command cards (£6 rrp) are also needed if you want to get the full benefits of having a commander in your army.
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