BB Old Skool Pic Archive will shut down on 27 July 2017

BB Old Skool Pic Archive will shut down on 27 July 2017

Postby Darkson (Simon) » Sun May 28, 2017 10:41 pm

narkotic wrote:Hi guys, just wanted to give you a heads-up that (Blood Bowl Old Skool Picture Archive) will shut down on 27 July 2017 for good. Recently my domain provider increased the yearly fees by 50% and I decided to pull the plug. The final decision was not because of money but I took this occasion to settle the issue. I kept around for many years now without updating as an artifact of a past age.

The main reason for shutting down is that I grew uncomfortable having a top-level domain with a name that is protected by GWs IP. For some odd reason GW ignored during their purge of 2009 when they killed all fan-sites that had IP protected names and afterwards I still never heard from them in any capacity (who knows maybe folks at GW use my site for reference reasons too considering how inconsistent their own archives supposedly are?). Who cares about a game that is out of print, right? When GW decided to re-release BB last year I started again thinking about the future of and came to the conclusion that it's better to shut down a dead fan page before anything legal jumps me out of the blue. Just to repeat: it's my own decision, GW has nothing to do with it, they never contacted me.

So, will shut down on 27 July 2017 and the domain address will be available again. If you want to save some pics from the site you have two months time now. For your convenience I compressed the whole website and its contents which you can download as a zip file here: (the file size is only 130MB, it's early 2000's tech after all)

The Blood Bowl Old Skool Picture Archive (2004-2017) was a tribute to my childhood memories when Citadel Miniatures and Games Workshop was a place for whacky, loveable and inspiring creations which brought me into the gaming hobby in the 1980s. Roughly after 6 years the provider of the web page visit counter went out of business just when the page reached 100K visits, similar fate happened to the guest book provider. I always thought it's a fitting image for old stuff slowly fading into the obscure corners of our minds.


Worth a download for anyone that played/enjoyed old skool BB GW images.
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