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Blood Bowl 2016 and ARBBL

PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2016 10:26 am
by Darkson (Simon)
Official Blood Bowl page:
Scroll down and there is a downloads section - you'll need to swipe across to find the FAQ and Errata (yep, needed an Errata before it was even released, and further errata are coming :roll: ).

A list of (most of) the changes from CRP to BB2016:

The current league will continue to use the CRP/LRB6 rules we've been using, it would be daft to change mid-league.

Future leagues, if I run them, will not be using BB2016 rules as they're currently written, as there are a lot of stuff I disagree with, and the league changes (which are awful imo) won't work for us anyway (unless we ever get to the point of having 20 players, by which stage I'd already house-ruled something). Some of the changes though (for example, the 60k human catchers and Timberrr) will probably be used.