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Postby Darkson (Simon) » Fri Nov 25, 2016 4:02 pm

Geggster wrote:Once you have brought together the Blood Bowl rulebook, Death Zone Season One, Teams of Legend PDF and Errata, you have the following:

From Blood Bowl
• Only what you need to play humans vs orcs in a one-off game
• 4 minute turn limit and Illegal Procedure are moved into optional
• Human Catchers are 60k
• 4 stars: Morg, Griff, Mighty Zug and Varag
• Some skills are shortened due to restricted use in the basic game (then explained fully in DZ)
• Two new Special Play card decks and teams get 1-3 cards (amended in DZ)
• Pitch and range ruler is bigger but understood to be the exact same scale

From Death Zone Season One
• 7 additional rosters: Skaven, Dwarf, Nurgle, Dark Elf, Wood Elf, High Elf and Elf Union (Elf/Pro Elf)
• 6 additional stars: Hakflem, Grim, Roxanna, Jordell, Eldril and Prince Moranion (see errata)
• New Star for Nurgle only – Guffle Pusmaw 5349, 210k (not 110k, see errata), Loner, FA, Monstrous Mouth (cannot be stripped and gets the catch skill), Nurgle’s Rot
• Nurgle Warriors and Beast of Nurgle are now Bloaters and Rotspawn, respectively
• Bloodweiser Babes are renamed Bloodweiser Kegs
• MVP is randomly assigned to one of three selected players
• On sending off (a Foul or Secret Weapon), the Head Coach can Argue the Call. On a 1, Head Coach also sent off & -1 to Brilliant Coaching thereafter. On a 6, player is only sent to Reserves. Turnover still applies (see Q&A)
• Piling On moved to optional and needs Team Reroll to use
• Piling On, Claw, Grab & Wood Elf Treemen have other changes (although see errata)
• Gutter Runners have Weeping Dagger. If they cause a Badly Hurt during a block, player is MNG on 4+
• Some skills/inducements missing but added in Teams of Legend. Fan Favourite and Stakes not in game
• No wizards
• Spiralling Expenses now optional
• Amended rules about drawing & discarding special play cards. Extra cards cost 100k
• Extra league rules on Expensive Mistakes (discouraging large sums of cash), the Off-Season and Re-Drafting for future seasons. Full rules on pages 25-27
• It’s 2493-2494 season (aside from small temporal anomalies)

From Teams of Legend PDF
• Remaining 12 CRP teams covered PLUS Underworld Denizens (Underworld) and Chaos Renegades (Chaos Pact). Document includes some name changes to positional and races
• Animosity, Ball & Chain, Chainsaw, Bombardier, Bloodlust, Titchy, Raise the Dead, Goblin bribes and Halfling Chef all covered
• Treemen on a Halfling roster have Timmm-ber skill and can receive assists to stand up. +1 for each assist from those not in a tackle zone. A 1 is still a failure

• Piling On still needs a Team Reroll and is optional. Modifiers still apply, though. Claw and Grab skills returned to CRP versions.
• Timmm-ber removed from Wood Elf treemen (only Halfling Treemen have it)
• Confirms Weather roll before inducements and then coin toss (as per CRP)
• Guffle’s cost, Hakflem’s stats and Roxanna’s leap confirmed. Roxanna confirmed as available for Amazons

So Overall Differences from CRP
• 23 teams and 10 CRP stars + Guffle. Human catchers now 60k, Halfling treemen have Timmm-ber, Gutter Runners have Weeping Dagger, Argue the Call, Piling On requires a TRR, No Wizards, Special Play cards
• And in addition, for league play: MVP random from 3 players, Expensive Mistakes, Offseason & Redrafting
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