Blood Bowl 7s

Blood Bowl 7s

Postby Darkson » Wed Jul 25, 2018 5:04 pm

Ok, so there isn't much take up for a ARBBL Blood Bowl league, but how about BB7s?

For those that haven't seen it it's a version of the full game, only 7 players per side, smaller pitch and takes about an hour to play (give or take, depending on player chat ;) ).

Rules would be similar to those on the NAF website ( ... F_BB7s.pdf) though there are a couple of changes needed to those rules that the NAF bought in (for example, all positionals are halved [rounded up] in the 'real' 7s rules, not total 0-4 like the NAF uses).

I know that between Gary, Mike and myself there are 3 7s pitches available so we could have 3+ games played per evening (and there is the possibility of getting more pitches printed if wanted).

So would anyone be interested? I'd be happy to run and do the admin. Maybe in the break in your Necromunda 'seasons'?
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