Blitzmania II at Test Valley

Blitzmania II at Test Valley

Postby Darkson » Sat May 12, 2018 12:37 pm

(Not expecting much interest within the club, but...)

Blitzmania then.

Seems it's a lot more simple than I thought.

Go to: to register your team (or teams) - there's a £5 buy-in per team at Test Valley to pay for a instore trophy. I've registered mine (Skaven, The Freak-EEK Show).

Play your games, either in the store, at @ARBBL (you're all more than welcome any Tuesday) or anywhere else - you MUST use one of the official result sheets though, as there is alway the possibility (however unlikely) that GW will want to check them. I currently have the pad, but will attempt to bring some back in on Thursday. If you want to play in the meantime you'll need to record:
Team A/Team B
Winner (a tick under A or B)
Draw (a tick under A and B)
Touchdowns for both sides
Casualties caused for both sides (only ones that give SPPs)

Send the results to me, and once Graham sends me the link I'll be able to upload the results to the website.

And that's it.

Does unfortunately mean that we'll have to live with their (stupid) w/d/l scoring of 3/1/-2, but if there's interest once it finishes then I'll be happy to run a non-Blitzmania league afterwards, especially as it will be post-shop move, which will be easier for me to attend.

So go for it, and my the best team win (as long as it's mine. ;) )
Hopefully I can try and get a few games in at Test Valley Models before the end of the season, and maybe see a few of you at ARBBL before the end.

Never tell me the odds!
It makes me feel worse when it inevitably fails...
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