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[Frostgrave] The Monster Makers

Postby Darkson » Mon Nov 16, 2015 6:41 pm

The Monster Makers

“So Devin was a brilliant but lazy wizard. He decided to make his fortune by offering Constructs to others, and he was good at it, but it was too much effort. Until he hit upon the idea of getting the Constructs to make the Constructs. It worked well, but as any good wizard will tell you, it’s not starting Constructs that’s the problem.”

Set up
Set up the table as normal. In the centre of the table should be the ruined exterior walls of a large building, at least 12” by 12”, inside these walls should be scattered lots of benches, cupboards etc. (so intervening terrain but not cover). The floor is covered in finished and partial constructs, not of which are active, so the inside of the building counts as rough ground. Place two treasure tokens per player inside the central building.

Special rules
Worker constructs are still active in the building, continuing with the last activity they were told to do. Luckily for the warbands, while they can build constructs, they can’t activate them. The workers will ignore warband members, not even defending themselves, until someone claims a treasure token. At this point the workers will stop what they’re doing and attack the person carrying the token. Place two workers 1” from the token carrying warband member. They will act in the creature phase, but will act as if only the token carrier(s) are on the table.

Littered amongst the debris are some regular constructs that are more or less active. Every turn that at least one token is carried, roll a D20 per carried token: 1-10, nothing happens, 11-15 a Small Construct activates, 16-18 a Medium Construct and 19-20 a Large Construct. Place them randomly in the building. These act in the Creature phase, but will attack anyone, regardless of whether they carry a token or not. Workers will not leave the building, other constructs will.

Code: Select all
        M    F   S  A  W   H   Notes
Worker  5   +0  +0 11 +0 11   Not designed for combat, count as armed with a Dagger

Treasure and experience
Each treasure token can be used in one of three ways: Can be used to equip a base with a Enchanter’s Workshop; can be used once to add +5 to an Animate Construct spell (can be added after the dice roll); can be sold for 250gc.
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