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ARBBL - who we are and what we do

PostPosted: Mon Dec 29, 2014 10:39 am
by Darkson (Simon)
ARBBL - we are a small gaming club based in Andover, Hampshire, United Kingdom. We meet most Tuesdays from 7pm to around 10pm. There is a core of 10 regular players, and 4 more semi-regulars (depending on whether life gets in the way or not!).

You may have heard of us through Blood Bowl, as we used to run at least one Blood Bowl tournament (the ARBBL Open) a year which had attracted attendees from as far as Germany and Norway, but we're not just a Blood Bowl club.

We play mostly small, skirmish level games, mostly due to time and space restricitions, with regulars including old classics like Necromunda and Mordheim, and newer games such as Frostgrave, Mercs and Deadzone. We also play "sports" games such as Blood Bowl and Dreadball, and dungeon crawlers like Warhammer Quest get a look in now and then. Games where there is a "progression" to the warbands/gangs/teams are heavily favoured.

Recently we've starting using a bigger room so more "big" games have been played recently, with 40K, Kings of War and Malifaux starting to be played more regularly.

More recently, games such Shadespire, Kill Team, Adeptus Titanicus and Age of Sigmar have given a run out.

Board and card games also get played often, with games like Ankh-Morpork, Fluxx and Munchkin getting regular airings, alongside whatever board game someone has recently invested in.

Other than those listed, someone within the group will probably be willing to give anything new a try. For example, we have at least a couple of people who'd happily play Bolt Action and/or Flames of War, and a few of us have Star Wars fleets of various sizes.

So if you're interested pop on down - details of our address can be found on our Facebook page or our old ARBBL website.
Also, please see this post regarding signing up for the forum.

Re: ARBBL - who we are and what we do

PostPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2023 10:16 pm
by Darkson (Simon)
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